Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back from London...


I got back to Italy after a long weekend in London.
What I did:
  • I went to Nathan Fowkes' workshop about "designing with color and light"; Nathan is a concept artist for animation and entertainment projects, teacher of drawing, painting, color and design. He worked for DreamWorks, Blue Sky, Digital Domain and Disney. This guy's a monster. The workshop was extremely interesting, with a lot of stuff in just 4 hours. I wish I had a workshop like this every weekend.
  • I drank too many beers
  • I got some nice drawing pads and a sketchbook
  • I had great food (fish & chips and hamburgers)
  • I met an old friend
  • I met Giulia who lives and works in London, and does some nice stuff :-)
What I did not:
  •   I didn't get lost
  •   I didn't find the brushes I need (d'oh!!!) :-(
  •   I didn't miss the plane :-)

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