Thursday, March 20, 2014

MS Land Rover 90 V8: two sketches.

Once finished the FJ-40 cartoon,
I went back to the Land Rover 90 V8 for Nigel at Megasquirt UK.
After the first warm-up sketch and a couple of emails, we agreed to visualize the 90 in its natural environment, so mud/water (the Megasquirt system makes a Rover V8 waterproof), rocks and a few trees in the background maybe, to "frame" the cartoon.

I threw a small thumbnail sketch on paper (which I didn't share here), that I soon left behind as I wanted to try something "different" with the shape of the Land Rover, and the result is the digital rough on the left.
The feedback from Nige was far from positive, so back to the drawing table (or better, the Wacom tablet)...I played a little with the original thumbnail and added a twist here and there, and came up with sketch #5 (shown on the right side), duly approved and now being "transferred" on paper.

Quite a difference between the "before" and "after", and a little hint of the time spent with "thinking cap" on, which people can't see.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FJ-40 cartoon for TCT Magazine.

Winsor & Newton black Indian ink and brush on paper (210x297 mm).
Digitally painted.

I did this cartoon for the "Toyota Cruisers And Trucks" magazine.
TCT magazine will be at the Cruise Moab event at the end of April with T-shirts available!
Get yours!
Check it out:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Back to the FJ-40 cartoon.

Priorities first.
After an awful weekend I took a big breath and went back to the drawing board, or, better, my Wacom tablet.

I've been trying to throw the desire to get everything "right" at the first attempt behind me,
because of the stress and frustration level were rising up to the roof, and I'm forcing myself to focus on the sheer pleasure which comes from drawing.
Again, keeping it loose, and searching for good lines hidden in the empty space.

I think I'm getting close to what I have in mind for this FJ.


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