Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FJ-40 cartoon for TCT Magazine.

Winsor & Newton black Indian ink and brush on paper (210x297 mm).
Digitally painted.

I did this cartoon for the "Toyota Cruisers And Trucks" magazine.
TCT magazine will be at the Cruise Moab event at the end of April with T-shirts available!
Get yours!
Check it out:


  1. Love it! The 4WD world is missing out on awesome artwork, it's good to see yours as an addition. My hot rod world has a long history of cartoonists and it's fun to see some good ones for off-roading!

    1. Thanks!! :-) I'm glad you like it! And I came to fill in the empty spot :-D I look forward to tooning hot rods as well, I love vintage cars and vintage babes :-)

  2. This is great artwork. Can I use it on a t-shirt for a Jeep Run in California Memorial Day weekend?